lyle hopkins



streaming generative sounds on the internet.

idioglossia (2020) for solo double bass. composed by duncan maunders.

no presh (2019-2020) created in collaboration with marleau marleau.

guest computer sounds on the wounded humans album roll play (2019).

marina's structure (2017) for cellist marina hasselberg, laptop, and loudspeaker. instructions are delivered through a series of scripted audio sequences triggered by marina's decision-making. form is influenced by marina as she navigates the piece with varied or repeated playthroughs resulting in alternate instructions.

double bass sounds with pillow talk.

text structure (2016) for improvising ensemble, laptop, and digital projector. instructions are delivered in real-time through the projection of the conductor's improvised written text. sometimes i like to give the audience instructions too.

jazz school.

sound structure (2015) for small improvising ensemble. form is influenced by the performers via aural cues. strategies vary.

colour variations (2014) for three improvising performers. the piece explores the unique groupings of solos (red; yellow; blue), duos (red, yellow; yellow, blue; blue, red), and trios (red, yellow, blue) within the ensemble.

duet variations (2014) for three improvising performers. the piece explores the three unique combinations of duos (p1, p2; p2, p3; p3, p1) within the ensemble.

harmonic variations (2014) for large improvising ensemble. the piece explores a big jazz chord. harmony is influenced by the performers.

double bass sounds with my string trio.

i'm a musician living in vancouver. i'm interested in improvised music, max/msp/jitter, and memes. if you'd like to connect, please send me an email.